Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tailpipe Man

Funniest pic I've seen for a while. Used by a friend to describe a pissy little arsewipe that inhabits the FIAT Bravo Owners Forum, called Roger Ramjet (RR) and tries ever so hard to be big, clever and very trollish, but simply comes across as a cunt.

My theory is that he's about 43, lives with/shags his Mum and is on some sort of medication. Anyway, this made me chuckle :o)

UPDATE: I have found the unedited version of this pic. Look away if you do not wish to witness the true horrors of Tailpipe Man !! LOL


Jeff Mitchell said...

Tailpipe Man is called Jeff Mitchell, he is 44 and lives in Rugby, Warwickshire, UK He is well known in the area for cross dressing and letting people sexually humiliate him. Everyone round here has seen his filthy pictures and laughs at him for having suck a tiny cock. Leave a comment and email address and i can send you more of his pictures

Jeff Mitchell said...

This link will take you to a blog that tells you all about Tailpipe Man. Please read it and send the link to everyone you know. Thanks.